2012 Prom Makeup Trends and Tips

March 30, 2012

When searching for the perfect 2012 prom dress, it is important to envision your entire look. Thinking ahead of what you want your prom makeup to be like might can help in deciding what prom dress you want. Below are some prom makeup tips as well as some 2012 prom makeup trends and dress suggestions for each trend. No matter what you choose, matching your prom makeup to your prom dress will ensure you look your best on your prom night!

Play Up One Feature:

Don’t go overboard on your prom makeup just because it is a special event. Try accentuating one feature like wear a brightly colored lipstick or do a sexy, smoky eye.  Then, make the rest of your prom makeup more natural. Trust us, you will look amazing by just playing up one feature!

Looking for the perfect prom dress to wear with this season’s popular bright coral lipstick trend? Check out this fun, coral prom dress by Sherri Hill.

Prom Dress Night Moves 6410


A trend we love for 2012 prom makeup is metallic makeup.  Take a break from the typical smoky eye and go bold by applying a metallic hue to the eyes. Popular shades are always gold and bronze but silver and white metallic colors were seen all over the runway for spring.  Be sure to use an eyeshadow primer for this look to keep your eye makeup fresh all night. Use a shimmery powder eye shadow or a cream eye shadow in a lighter metallic shade all over the eye and then a darker metallic color in the inner creases and blend. Finish with liner and mascara and use a shimmery rose, nude or peach brush depending on the metallic shade you choose.

If you are wearing the silver or white metallic eye color trend, Sherri Hill prom dresses like this fun and flirty strapless prom dress in light pink would make the perfect match!

Prom Dresses Sherri Hill 8434

Do a Cat Eye:

Want to go a little more dramatic for your prom makeup? Do a sexy cat eye! Brush your eyes with a white shimmery eyeshadow and get out the eyeliner of your choice (we prefer a gel liner). Use those art skills you learned in school and draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner and make a small flick to make the liner look like a wing. Tip: rest your arm on a table so it is steady and start light. You want to get the line right first. You can always go back and add more liner on top of this to darker it up later! Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Wear a light nude or pink color lipstick or lip gloss and a soft pink blush and let your eyes do the talking!

Want a sexy prom dress that matches your dramatic cat eyes? Try this glamorous but sexy fitted prom dress by Night Moves.

Prom Dresses Night Moves 6239

Bronze and peach:

Be a bronzed goddess on your prom night with a pretty bronzed face and flushed cheeks. Don’t think that you have to go outside and sun before prom. Stay safe and ensure an even glow (no sunburn) by going faux! Get a spray tan a few days before the prom and complete the look on prom day with a bronze powder on your cheekbones and décolletage. Remember, don’t choose a bronzer that is too strong.  A bronzer should be no darker than two shades from your skin stone. Finish your bronzed face with a peach or apricot blush. For the eye, wear a gold shadow, dark eyeliner and lots of mascara! You are sure to look like you just had a tropical vacation!

Wear a white prom dress to make your bronzed skin really stand out like this gorgeous white dress by Sherri Hill with a keyhole cutout and ruched bust. Just be sure to not overdo and don’t wear your dress while applying makeup!

Prom Dresses Sherri Hill 2845

Dewy Skin:

Make your gorgeous skin the focus on your prom night. Play up your skin by using a highlighter on the highest points on your face to create dimension or all over to brighten up your complexion. Put on a rose colored blush or pale pink blush over the highlighter. On the eyes, put a little highlighter on the browbones and inner corner of the eyes. Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow, a little eyeliner on the tops of your eyes only and mascara. A bright pink gloss would complete the look and make you fabulous!

Wear a strapless prom dress like this short prom dress by Mori Lee Sticks & Stones in a light hue to look so sweet and pretty! Put some highlighter on your collarbone to really make your skin glow!

Prom Dresses Mori Lee Sticks and Stones 9101


2012 Prom Shoes

March 29, 2012

Let’s face it ladies, your outfit for Prom 2012 is not complete unless you have the perfect Prom shoes. Shoe styles change every year as well as every season, so it is important to stick with the hottest trends! Prom Dress Shop has a wide selection of shoes for Prom 2012, and we can even help you pair your favorite 2012 Prom dress with the perfect 2012 Prom shoes. Finding the right shoes for your Prom dress is not as easy as it seems, as there are a variety of styles, heel heights, colors, and materials. You also want to make sure you pair the right shoes with the right dress, meaning it is important to pay attention to your dress style, length, and color.

Short Prom dresses pair well with shoes that have a higher than average heel and a closed toe or peep-toe, also called “pumps”. A-line dresses look great with strappy heels, show a little skin girls! Remember, it is very important to try your dress on with your new Prom 2012 shoes in advance so any length adjustments can be made to your dress. Express your style and attitude with the perfect Prom shoes, and let us find the right ones to put that finishing touch on your outfit for Prom 2012!

Take a look at some of these great Prom shoe and dress combination ideas:




Attention Fashion Lovers- Blush Prom Dresses Are Hot!

March 28, 2012

Blush prom dresses are one of the most popular choices for 2012 prom dresses. Blush Prom Dresses by Alexia Designs are well known for their fashionable styles at affordable prices. Blush prom dresses come in all the latest 2012 prom dress styles like strapless prom dresses, short prom dresses and mermaid prom dresses. Known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to details, Blush prom dresses come in sizes from size 0 up to size 30 and start in price from around $150 and go up to around $800. If you are someone that likes to keep up with fashion and trends, Blush prom dresses are perfect for you.

As stated in our recent blog about the most popular colors for 2012 prom dresses, brightly colored dresses like yellow prom dresses and coral prom dresses are hot this season. Blush prom dresses come in a wide variety of stunning colors. We especially love the Blush turquoise prom dresses and the hot pink prom dresses.

Another aspect that make Blush prom dresses so popular for prom 2012 are the sweet and flirty details. Many dresses have amazing details like beaded sweetheart necklines and fun accents like colorful rosettes. This stunning dress even has peacock feathers at the neckline!

Blush Prom Dresses 5105

No matter what your style is, you can’t go wrong with Blush prom dresses! Check out some of our favorite Blush prom dresses below or check out our site for the entire 2012 Blush prom dress collection!

Blush Prom Dresses 5136

Blush Prom Dresses 9279

Blush Prom Dresses 9333

Blush Prom Dresses 5129


2012 Halter Prom Dresses

March 27, 2012

There are many different styles of 2012 Prom dresses available, but one of the most popular Prom dress styles for 2012 is the halter prom dress. A halter can be in many forms; two cords, straps, bands, or attached fabric above the bust line that either ties or clips behind the neck. Halter neckline dresses can give you both a formal and casual look for your 2012 Prom, as they create a sleek and defined silhouette while adding to the overall style of the dress. Halter prom dresses offer added support and comfort than strapless dresses, and allow you to dance the night away on your 2012 Prom night. The halter neckline dress style is ideal for bustier girls as it is more form fitting and secure with the strap support around the neck.

Your 2012 halter Prom dress is not complete without the right elegant accessories and sexy heels, take a look at these halter prom dress ensembles for various different styles:


This halter neckline Prom dress by Jasz Couture is embellished with beautiful rhinestones, making a rhinestone bracelet and pump heels ideal accessories for this 2012 Prom dress.

La Femme is a great designer to explore if you are looking for a casual halter prom dress, as this dress has diverse qualities with it’s high-low hem and ruffled skirt. This style pairs well with long rhinestone earrings and sexy pump heels.




Most Popular Colors For 2012 Prom Dresses

March 26, 2012

Everyone wants to stand out on their prom day and feel extra special. One way to do this is to wear one our new 2012 prom dresses in colors that suit your personality and style. Colors such as yellow, turquoise, pink, coral and purple are all making an appearance in 2012 prom dress collections. Below are some of the most popular colors for 2012 prom dresses.

Blue Prom Dresses

Blue prom dresses are always one of the most popular choices each season. Blue is universally flattering and comes in many varying shades to suit different personalities. Deep royal blue prom dresses are considered classic and elegant while brighter options like aqua or turquoise prom dresses are youthful and fun.

Blue Prom Dresses-Blush 5110

Blue Prom Dresses-Night Moves 6237


Blue Prom Dresses-Jovani 7971

Purple Prom Dresses

Combining the opposites of bold red and cool blue, purple symbolizes royalty and spirituality. Color experts claim that purple can uplift a person’s mood and is a favorite among creative and eccentric types. There are many different shade options of purple prom dresses. Rich tones like amethyst, violet, plum and eggplant exude sophistication while lighter purple tones like lilac, lavender and orchid are pretty and feminine.

Purple Prom Dresses-Sherri Hill 1471

Purple Prom Dresses-La Femme 15148

Yellow Prom Dresses

Yellow is one of those colors that never fails to brighten up any mood. Wearing a yellow prom dress shows you have confidence and are ready to have fun. Yellow prom dresses range from bright canary yellow dresses to paler yellows. Brighter shades of yellow flatter lighter skin tones while lighter shades work best for darker skin tones.

Yellow Prom Dresses-Blush 9343

Pink Prom Dresses

Pink is one of those colors that can represent two very different looks. Pink prom dresses in light shades look pretty and romantic while hot pink prom dresses are bold and sexy. No matter what style you prefer, wearing pink is a feminine choice that is popular every year!

Pink Dresses-Night Moves 6432

Pink Prom Dresses-Jovani 171693

Coral Prom Dresses

Coral prom dresses are a great option this 2012 prom season for someone who isn’t afraid of a bright pop of color. Coral is described as a pinkish-orange color and is sometimes referred to as peach or salmon. Coral prom dresses flatter all skin types but look especially hot on darker skin stones.

Coral Prom Dresses- Evenings by Allure A460


Coral Prom Dresses- Night Moves 6415

No matter what your favorite color is or what prom dress style you prefer, Prom Dress Shop has the perfect 2012 prom dress for you!

Formal Dresses – Our Favorite Selections

March 25, 2012

Anyone can say they offer “formal dresses”, but Prom Dress Shop has the biggest and most varietal selection of dresses for formal events on the internet. Different designers tend to have different styles and silhouettes, but something that most designers share is the love for creating the most beautiful formal dress to make you look and feel like a million bucks! If you are looking for a black tie event dress, consider more conservative formal dresses like long dresses that are flowing and have an elegant silhouette. If you are attending a white tie event, you will still want to dress formal, but you can wear something a little more daring like sexy dresses with a little more pizzazz.

These are some of the most popular formal dresses for black tie events:


Here are some ideas for formal dresses for white tie events, a little more daring and sexy:

2012 Plus Size Prom Dresses

March 24, 2012

Wearing a plus size doesn’t mean your options for 2012 prom dresses are limited. Many prom dress designers carry the same popular styles in plus sizes and some designers even have a separate line dedicated to just plus size prom dresses. There are many prom dress styles that are flattering to plus size girls such as A-line prom dresses. Wearing dresses in dark, solid colors can be slimming but bright colors are popular for 2012 prom dresses and lets your confidence shine through!

Prom Dress Shop has many 2012 Plus Size Prom Dresses from your favorite designers. We carry beautiful Faviana prom dresses, classic Jovani prom dresses and the plus size dress lines, Fabulouss Plus Size Dresses and Cassandra Stone II Plus Size among many others. Styles range from formal ball gowns to classic long dresses. Popular plus size prom dress choices are always strapless prom dresses that cover a large bust and lets you show off your shoulders. Adding a shawl or light sweater is a nice way to accessorize and cover up if you prefer more coverage.

Print prom dresses are also hot this year and come in bold colors that are sure to make you feel extra special on your prom day.  Check out our site for all the latest 2012 prom dresses and see below for some of the most popular plus size prom dress styles this year.

Faviana 9266

Fabulouss 6320F

Cassandra Stone II 6246K

Jovani 111065

Night Moves 6526W

Faviana 9282

Express Elegance in Evening Gowns from Prom Dress Shop

March 23, 2012

Evening gowns have been worn by elegant women for hundreds of years, even in the middle ages when the term hadn’t yet been developed. Did you know women in the middle ages simply attached a long flowing train to their short dresses to create what we call the “evening gown” today? It is a simple concept, but evening gowns give you a sophisticated and elegant look for any formal event.

The modern day evening gown doesn’t always have to be long and flowing, they can range from the short ballerina dress to any full length silhouette including A-line prom dresses and Mermaid prom dresses. Evening gowns are also known to have straps, halter tie, or sleeves, making for a more conservative and sophisticated formal look. In the 1940s many evening gowns were made with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk and chiffon. Today, there are many synthetic fabrics that mimic these expensive and luxurious fabrics that look and feel the same!

Whether you are looking for a dress for a black tie event or a gown for a white tie affair, Prom Dress Shop has a diverse collection of evening gown dresses ranging from the most modest conservative evening gowns to elaborately luxurious dresses. See some of the most popular evening gown styles Prom Dress Shop offers:


Engagement Dresses For Your Engagement Party

March 22, 2012

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a girls’ life. Once you are engaged, you become the center of attention and you will want to have a fabulous engagement dress to wear when you attend your engagement party.  The formality of your engagement party will determine what style of engagement dress you choose. Many brides-to-be choose fun, sexy dresses while others go for more classic styles like strapless a-line dresses.  Some wear formal long dresses for their engagement dresses while others go for the “can’t go wrong” little black dress. No matter what you want the style of your engagement dress to be, Prom Dress Shop has an option for you! Check out some of our top choices for engagement dresses:

Evenings by Allure A477

Mori Lee 91024

Night Moves 6401

Sherri Hill 3804

La Femme 16611


Jovani 159764

Perfect Sweet Sixteen Dresses

March 22, 2012

Turning 16 is an important time in a teenager’s life. Whether you are celebrating your Sweet Sixteen with a large formal occasion or a more casual affair, you will want to have a special Sweet 16 dress to make you feel and look your best on this momentous occasion.  Our Sweet Sixteen dresses come in a variety of styles and colors. From short dresses to ball gowns and everything in between, Prom Dress Shop has your perfect Sweet 16 dress waiting for you! Here are some of the most popular styles for 2012 Sweet 16 dresses:

Short Dresses:

Short prom dresses make perfect sweet sixteen dresses because they are fun and allow you to be comfortable while you celebrate your birthday. Short sweet sixteen dresses often have flirty, full skirts or embellishments to make them a little more dressy than your average short prom dress.

Blush 9296

Evenings by Allure A467Faviana 6911

 Printed Dresses:

Print prom dresses are often chosen for sweet sixteen dresses since they allow you to stand out and come in bright colors that match your happy mood on your Birthday! From short printed dresses to long dresses, these are great sweet sixteen options for anyone not afraid to be a little bold. Just be sure to keep the rest of your look simple by wearing nude or solid color shoes and simple accessories.

Night Moves 6207

Sherri Hill 9300

 One Shoulder Dresses:

One shoulder prom dresses are a trendy and stylish way to celebrate your Sweet 16.

Evenings by Allure A477

One Shoulder Prom Dresses Scala 47147