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Jovani Cocktail Homecoming Dresses 2014

Jovani has a winning look for any social occasion or event, from Couture Pageant gowns to Homecoming and Prom Dresses. Jovani Fashions has grown into a top name brand with an exceptional reputation among retailers and customers. They have won several prestigious awards, including National Prom Association Retailers Choice for Best Manufacturer Quality, Best Prom Fashion Design, DEBI award and DIVA award for design excellence. Order one of theses award winning dresses today for Prom 2014!

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Quick Tip: When making any Prom appointments (hair, nails, makeup) or reservations (restaurant, transportation) be sure to record who you spoke with along with the information they confirmed for you.

Finding a good seamstress: The best way to find a seamstress if by a referral from family or friends. This usually gives you an idea about the quality of the work that was done. If you are still struggling to find a good seamstress, look in the yellow pages under “Tailors.” Make sure to ask to see a sample of their work before you allow them to work on your prom dress. Our prom dresses are made of the highest quality materials and beading, don’t ruin them by allowing a seamstress to experiment with it. Another option would be to contact a bridal store. Bridal seamstresses have worked on very difficult and intricate wedding dresses so a prom dress would be very easy for them to alter.

Every girl needs a handbag to take the essentials with her to prom. The look of the handbag should complement the color of your prom dress if not match it. Using a larger than life handbag takes away from your ensemble so keep it small and delicate. Here are some ideas of what to pack in your purse for prom: cell phone (turned off), camera, needle and thread (in case someone busts out of their dress), lip gloss, nail file, tissue, shout wipes, breath mints, aspirin and beauty cosmetics.