Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

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After the fashion shows in London, New York, Milan, and elsewhere around the world, we finally had a chance to take a look back at the biggest fall 2015 fashion trends. We want to share with you the biggest trends we saw in dresses for the fall, and show you how to incorporate them into your homecoming look this year. We also noticed that large, sparkly accessories are making a huge comeback. We’ve paired some of our favorite accessory and shoe combinations for you below.

Flounce Hemlines

One of the top skirt and dress trends we saw on the catwalks were flounce hemlines. Skirts with flounce hemlines start flat on the top and have more fabric towards the bottom. They’re fun, flirty, and perfect for a school dance. Taking a cue from the recently released Pantone colors for fall 2015, we choose some of our favorite dresses in navy, deep red and rose colors. Pair them with one of our sparkly pairs of heels, a bracelet and earrings, and you’ll be all set for homecoming.


1stA           1STB 2NDA Fall Fashion

Outfit 1: Mori Lee Sticks & Stones Chiffon Dress, Iridescent and Gold Clipon Earrings, Gold and Iriescent 5 Strand Bracelet, Nude Sparkle Heels

Outfit 2: Sherri Hill Short Sleeve A Line Dress, Iridescent Gold Drop Earrings, Gold and Iridescent Bracelet, Nude Shimmer Heels

Outfit 3: Mori Lee Sticks & Stones Short Dress, Iridescent Swarocski Crystal Earrings, Iridescent Bracelet, Silver Platform Heels

One Shoulder Dresses

Another big fall 2015 fashion trend to look out for at homecoming this year is the one shoulder dress. We saw many models with just one shoulder bared on the fall catwalks, in both casual dresses and evening gowns. Some of our favorite designers, including Shail K., MacDuggal and La Femme, have some great fall one shoulder options which we’ve listed below. For more one shoulder dresses, click here.

3RDA                 3RDB





Outfit 1: Shail K. Short Fitted Dress, Burst Earrings, Royal Blue Bracelet, Silver Platform Heels

Outfit 2: MacDuggal Lace Dress, Silver Drop Earrings, Silver Bracelet, Red Single Strap Heels

Outfit 3: La Femme One Strap Long Dress, Silver and Iridescent Earrings, Silver and Iridescent Bracelet, Nude Shimmer Heels



Another huge fall 2015 fashion trend is the use of prints. We’ll see prints all over this year, including reptile and animal prints, abstract prints, and even graphic/geometric prints. Again, trying to keep with the predicted fall 2015 colors, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite dresses and accessories for you below:


5THA                         5THB


Outfit 1: Strapless Fitted Milano Formals Dress, Black Drop Earrings, Charcoal and Black Bracelet, Black Peep Toe Heels

Outfit 2: Rachel Allan Print A Line Dress, Black 3-tier Earrings, Black Rhinestone Bracelet, Black Peep Toe Heels

Outfit 3: Faviana Fitted Short Dress, Black Drop Earrings, Charcoal and Black Bracelet, Black Shimmer Heels


What’s your favorite fall 2015 fashion trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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