Cocktail Dresses For Any Event

March 17, 2012

Every woman should have a Cocktail dress in their wardrobe. Why? You never know when you are going to be invited to a social event, so it is important to be ready! Prom Dress Shop will help you be prepared for any type of party or social event with such a large collection fun and fierce Cocktail evening dresses. Designers like Mori Lee and Sherri Hill have a wide variety of dresses to compliment any body type or personal style. Whether you want a short party dress or a long evening gown, there is something to wear to any type of event! Cocktail dresses are not just to be worn at “cocktail parties” but they can be worn to any semi-formal or “black tie” occasion. A semi-formal dress is normally less elaborate and shorter in length, where as a black tie dress is more elaborate and longer in length.

The history behind the term “cocktail dress” is very interesting, as Christian Dior was the first designer to use the term in the 1940s in reference to early evening wear. Modern day designers have taken the basic concept of the cocktail dress and turned it into a fun, short party dress with an elegant and classy touch. Mori Lee is well known for her elaborate sequined and hand beaded dresses, where as Sherri Hill is famous for her cute sweetheart dresses. Both designers have variations of different styles, which will allow you to express your personal style at the next cocktail party or semi-formal event!