Month to Month

Prom Planner/Checklist

4 months before

  • Start shopping for your prom dress.
  • Order your limousine making sure to record who you talked to.
  • Start working out to tone your muscles.
  • Start your prom skin care regime (stop breakouts before they happen).
Prom Checklist make-up

3 months before

  • Make restaurant reservations making sure to record who you talked to in your prom planner..
  • Order your dream prom dress (shop on-line).
Prom Dresses-Prom Tips

2 months before

  • Make a prom dress alteration appointment (at a loss? Look in the yellow pages under custom tailor).
  • Shop for prom undergarments.
  • Order prom shoes (shop shoes on-line).
  • Make two prom hair appointments (one for a trial run, one for prom day). Record this in your prom planner.
  • Make prom manicure appointment.
  • Pick out matching corsages and boutonniere. Prom Flowers.
  • Purchase accessories to match your prom dress (accessory checklist page).
  • Purchase a handbag to match your prom dress.
Prom Shoes Checklise

1 month before

  • Order prom make-up that matches your prom dress.
  • Purchase clear deodorant and start to wear it around to make sure you are not allergic to it.
  • Purchase dance tickets.
  • Break in your prom shoes by wearing them around the house all day.
  • Start drinking lots of water as opposed to juices to alleviate bloating.
Prom Make-up Checklist

3 weeks before

  • Have your prom dress tailored.
  • Have a trial prom hairdo completed (hot hair tips).
  • Stop shaving so you can get a bikini and underarm wax.
  • Verify restaurant arrangements.
  • Verify prom limousine arrangements.
  • Try out sunless tanning lotion.
Prom Checklist Limosine

2 weeks before

  • Try on tailored prom dress and make any necessary changes. Prom Tip: make sure the seamstress is present when you try on your dress and wear the proper prom undergarments.
  • Get a bikini and underarm wax.
  • Experiment with your prom make-up (make-up artist tips).
Prom Tips-Prom Planner

1 week before

  • Take your prom dress home and keep it in a safe dry place. Prom tip: Prom Dresses should be stored in a dry room (not the basement). If possible hang prom dresses over a chair instead of handing them. If you must hang your prom dresses, hand it like pants folded over the hanger.
  • Purchase a prom dress steamer if needed.

1 day before

  • Another prom tip, get a manicure. A person always feels better with a prom mannicure.
  • Pluck your eyebrows (make-up artist tips).
Prom Checklist-Prom Nails
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