White Dresses After Labor Day is OK

August 16, 2012

Don’t listen to what your mom or grandma says- you can wear white after Labor Day! The official end of summer is coming soon but don’t put away all your white just yet! For many years, wearing white after Labor Day was seen as a faux-pas, just something you didn’t do. Today, it is perfectly acceptable to wear white after Labor Day. From models on the runway to celebrities, wearing white after Labor Day is not too uncommon. Prom Dress Shop has many white dresses that would be suitable for a special occasion like homecoming or a winter formal. White dresses come in various shades of white from pure white to cream or ivory so there are plenty of options that will work no matter what your skin tone is. Here are some of our top white dress choices:

White Dresses- Sherri Hill 2840

This short ivory dress by world-famous designer Sherri Hill (style 2840) has a scoop neckline and a sheer upper bodice with beaded overlap. The waist is fitted and there is a softly pleated and embellished skirt that is pretty and feminine. The dress is cut low in the back, making it a little sexy but still classy. This timeless dress would work well as a homecoming dress or as a winter formal dress. This is one dress you will want to keep in your closet for many years! Pair this white dress with classic nude heels and dangly earrings for a chic look. With a dress this fabulous, no one will ever question why you are wearing white after Labor Day!

White Dresses- Allure A466

This gorgeous white dress by Evenings by Allure (style A466) is the definition of elegance. The dress features a tank style bodice with beautiful beadwork that sparkles. The ruched torso is ultra-flattering and the full skirt adds a fresh spin on the classic dress style. White dresses look great with glowing skin so add a little highlighting powder or cream to your neckline for an extra pretty look! This Allure dress would work well as a formal dress like a homecoming dress or New Year’s Eve dress. If you are engaged, it would make the perfect engagement dress! The model shown above is wearing white shoes but if you are wearing this white dress after Labor Day, you might want to wear some sexy silver heels instead. While wearing white after Labor Day is perfectly acceptable, it is best to not do it head-to-toe.

White Dresses- Jovani 9389

Still not convinced about wearing white after Labor Day? Try wearing an off-white dress or ivory dress instead of a stark white dress like this sexy dress by Jovani (style 9389). This strapless dress is fitted and has an oversized rosette that adds a fun factor to an otherwise traditional cocktail dress. The satin material makes this white dress an ideal dress to wear to a formal occasion this fall or winter.  White dresses make great homecoming dresses because, in many areas, the weather is still warm or just starting to cool down. You may even still have some of your summer glow on homecoming day! Some people are also worried about white not looking good with their skin tone. Wearing an off-white or ivory color dress will warm up your skin tone.

With so many fabulous white dresses coming out each season, it is safe to say that wearing white dresses after Labor Day is here to stay! Check out all the white dresses at Prom Dress Shop. Have any favorite white dresses? Tell us which styles you like best!

2012 Graduation Dresses- Most Popular Styles

April 3, 2012

So, we know many girls are still searching for the perfect prom dress but remember that graduation is just around the corner! With all the prom dresses selling out and deals such as free shipping, getting your graduation dress now is a good idea.

While prom is sure to be a great time to have fun with your friends and the memories will last a lifetime, your graduation day will bring on so many more emotions as you prepare to enter the next stage in your life.

Many girls take their search for the perfect graduation dress as seriously as they do when searching for their prom dresses. Most graduation dresses are short and flirty but some girls also need more formal dresses for a night out or a formal graduation party. Many schools require white dresses for graduation while others do not set a specific color allowing the freedom to wear bold colors like coral dresses which are popular for summer. No matter what you decide, you will always treasure this special memory so be sure to wear a graduation dress that makes you feel your best! Here are our top picks for 2012 graduation dresses including our most popular Blush dresses.

White Graduation Dress- Blush C021


Graduation Dress- Blush 9353

Graduation Dresses- Night Moves 6480

Graduation Dress- Sherri Hill 2785