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Green Prom Dresses

The color green has both a warming and cooling effect depending on the shade. The color green also denotes balance, harmony and stability. When green is combined with blue it echoes of nature, new begginings and growth. Green combined with brown, tan or beige has an organic resonance. Green and purple create high contrast with a lively feel. Lime green, orange and yellow create a fresh and fruity pallette. No matter which shade of green you choose, your 2015 Green Prom Dress will have those around you green with envy.

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Riva R9730.  Available in Aqua, Neon Coral, Seafoam
Riva Dress R9730
$418 $229
NOW $113
Riva R9742.  Available in Ice Blue/Nude, Mint/Nude, Purple/Nude
Riva Dress R9742
$418 $249
NOW $123
Blush 5310.  Available in Coral Pink, Mint
Blush Dress 5310
$578 $329
NOW $163
Riva L800.  Available in Mint
Riva Dress L800
$318 $129
NOW $64
Blush 5322.  Available in Pine
Blush Dress 5322
$380 $199
NOW $99
Blush 9701.  Available in Pool, Sea Glass
Blush Dress 9701
$558 $299
NOW $148
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