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Pink Formal Dresses for Prom 2015

The color pink is a softer shade of red. Both the colors pink and red denote love, but while red has a fiery passionate side, pink is more charming and romantic. To make the color pink more sophisticated you can add gray, black or darker shades of blue. Prom Dress Shop has stunning pink 2015 prom dresses that will have you tickled pink!

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Adding Length: Our dresses usually fit the average height of 5’8”. All of the models shown in our photos are between the heights of 5’8” and 5’10”. Taller girls may want to consider doing the following: Making their pink prom dress a high low hem. High low hems are just as popular as floor length dresses. High low hems are shorter in the front (9” or more off the floor) and low in the back (how the dress normally fits). Another option would be to wear flats instead of heels; which would be more comfortable as well. You could also purchase a shawl or buy additional fabric to add to the bottom of the dress.

Makeup is a huge part of your prom ensemble. After selecting your pink prom dress it is beneficial to plan out what type of makeup style would work best on you. Whether you are going for a more natural sun kissed glow or an intense Smokey eye, be sure to practice before the big day. By practicing your makeup style you will become more confident in your abilities as well as becoming more proficient allowing you to spend more time taking pictures with your date rather than getting ready.

Prom Dress Shop has been in business for over 25 years with the reputation of being one of the most exquisite, fashionable and customer service oriented stores in our industry. Our pink prom dresses are made of only top quality materials and workmanship. All beadwork is hand-sewn onto the dress stitch by stitch. The beadwork is always checked over on each pink dress before it is shipped out to assure customer satisfaction.