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Pink Formal Dresses for Prom 2015

The color pink is a softer shade of red. Both the colors pink and red denote love, but while red has a fiery passionate side, pink is more charming and romantic. To make the color pink more sophisticated you can add gray, black or darker shades of blue. Prom Dress Shop has stunning pink 2015 prom dresses that will have you tickled pink!

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Riva R9763.  Available in Blush
Riva Dress R9763
$398 $229
NOW $113
Riva R9710.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Lilac/Nude, Pink/Nude
Riva Dress R9710
$438 $229
NOW $113
Riva R9757.  Available in Periwinkle, Pink, White
Riva Dress R9757
$458 $249
NOW $123
Riva R9715.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Pink/Nude
Riva Dress R9715
$438 $229
NOW $113
Riva R9718.  Available in Blush, Turq
Riva Dress R9718
$398 $219
NOW $108
Riva L900.  Available in Pink
Riva Dress L900
$338 $129
NOW $64
items per page    of 36