Homecoming 2012 on a Budget

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From the dress to the shoes to the hair, going to Homecoming can really break the bank. Here at Prom Dress Shop we have some great ways to save, starting with our huge sale selection of great homecoming dresses. Below we will feature a few dresses then follow it up with easy ways to save on the smaller things like hair, accessories and nails!

It’s never too early to start shopping for your homecoming dress, and most of the time, the earlier you purchase, the more you’ll save.  This elegant short dress from Hannah S is perfect for Homecoming and is currently on sale for $89Hannah S 27584 Homecoming Dress

The classic colors of this homecoming dress make it easy to match the dress with a black strappy shoe like these leather 4-inch heels from Gether.

Homecoming and Prom Shoes

Try finishing off the look by adding our Silver Strand Bracelet!

Bracelet for Homecoming or Prom

Homecoming Budget Tip: Find a friend who’s good with a curling iron and have her create loose locks to accentuate the strapless top of the dress. At the end of the day, you’ll have spent less than $200 on this flawless, show-stopping look!
Bari Jay 59906 Homecoming Prom DressYou may think looking elegant is impossible on a budget, but at Prom Dress Shop, it’s not an issue! This Shimmer dress, which is available in three different colors, is the perfect way to save while still standing out.  With bright colors being a huge trend, this flowing number would be perfect for homecoming matched with a pair of silver or black strappy heels. The sweetheart neckline keeps it classy while adding our Waterfall Silver Rhinestone earrings makes it fun.


Homecoming Budget Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask a girlfriend to play around with your makeup look. Finding someone who can create a beautiful makeup look on the day of the big event can really help cut down on the spending, and not to mention, add to the fun of the occasion! With this dress and earrings you’ve kept your budget down to a mere $139!


With the two above looks, you should now have a good idea of how easy it is to keep the budget low for Homecoming 2012. Keep an eye on Prom Dress Shop as we are always bringing in new dresses at great prices!


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