2012 Homecoming Jewelry

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Before we know it summer will have passed by, and back to school will be here.  Many students will be thinking about how the school year will be.  Some thoughts that come to mind are how classes will be, who will be in those classes, and what the teachers will be like.  Typically once school is back in session, the big homecoming dance takes place in late September or early October.  All girls will be excited about going homecoming dress shopping for the event.  Some questions they will think about is what designer dress they will choose, what hair style will look best, and what accessories will be best.  Prom Dress Shop offers the most stunning jewelry to make your outfit complete.  They have jewelry ranging from necklace sets, bracelets, earrings, and tiaras.  Here are some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry.

White Pearl 6 Strand Necklace Set - Prom Dress ShopYou can never go wrong with pearls when it comes to accessories.  Pearls give you the classy and elegant look that every girl should have.  This Pearl set features a variety of different size pearls on clear wire, an adjustable chain, and pearl studs.  The best part about this white pearl set is that after homecoming, you can wear them almost with any outfit to give that classy look.  Prom Dress Shop offers this set for a low $29, with them in stock and ready to ship.


Silver 2 Strand Bracelet - Prom Dress ShopI absolutely love this silver 2 strand bracelet.  It can be worn with any homecoming dress and look fabulous!  This band is also stretchable and comfortable.  It features a silver toned base with silver round stones.  Just like the pearl set above, this bracelet is a great purchase, because it can be worn after your homecoming.  Prom Dress Shop offers the silver 2 strand bracelet for $24, and is in stock and ready to ship.


Waterfall Charcoal Rhinestone Earrings - Prom Dress ShopThese charcoal colored earrings are definitely going to complete your homecoming dress look.  The best part is that they are super comfortable and easily removable.  You will also notice the incredible sparkle and flair.  Some other features include a rippling waterfall effect with a variety of charcoal round rhinestones.  Prom Dress Shop has these earrings in stock and ready to ship to you today for $30.



When it comes to homecoming dress shopping another important element is what fabulous accessories you will pair with the dress.  Be sure to check out all of the fantastic and stunning jewelry that Prom Dress Shop has to offer.  You will be guaranteed to find that perfect 2012 homecoming look.

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