Quinceanera Dresses For Your Special Day

Posted on March 20, 2012

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Much like a Sweet 16 in the United States, Latin American cultures celebrate a Quinceanera which is a right of passage for young girls turning 15. Traditionally, a Quinceanera was an intimate affair for close friends and family and the event was themed in white or pink. Today, a Quinceanera can be a huge party with hundreds of guests and will often follow a specific theme with different color schemes.

Quinceanera dresses do not have to follow the traditional white and pink colors, as some girls choose vibrant yellow, green or blue Quinceanera dresses. Others even choose multi-colored dresses or dresses with elaborate patterns! Although many girls still prefer ball gowns for their Quinceanera dress, others choose different styles like mermaid dresses.

MacDuggal 4828H Prom Dress  Jovani 30107 Mermaid Dress  Precious Formals C55075

Quinceanera dresses come in an almost infinite amount of styles. From elaborate beaded dresses to classic ball gowns with a sweetheart neckline, each Quinceanera dress is designed to make the birthday girl feel like the princess she is on her special day!

Printed dresses can also be used as Quinceanera dresses! Designers like Night Moves have created printed Quinceanera dresses that incorporate feather embellishments and more! Check out the vibrant, printed dress below from Night Moves.

Night Moves 6207 Print Dress

Although Quinceanera trends have changed over the years, most girls still prefer ball gowns for their big day. Because a Quinceanera involves a choreographed dance, ball gowns add to the fanfare. It isn’t uncommon for a girl to change her dress several times during her Quinceanera. It is popular for a girl to start with a long ball gown for her primary Quinceanera dress, then change into a short dress for the remainder of the party.

Accessories help to add a touch of flair to any Quinceanera dress . Long gloves pair perfectly with full ball gowns, and a tiara paired with a rhinestone necklace will match any dress, long or short.

Pink Prom Gloves

Although Quinceanera dress trends have changed over time, one thing remains the same: it is important for the birthday girl to find the dress that truly makes her feel like a princess. Prom Dress Shop has everything a girl needs to achieve the perfect Quinceanera look at prices that are affordable.

Whether you want to stick to traditional white and pink, or add some color to your Quinceanera, Prom Dress Shop has what you’re looking for!

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