2012 Prom Checklist… Make Sure You Are Ready!

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Prom Dress Shop is your one stop prom shop. We have everything you need from the jewels you will wear in your hair to gems that you will wear on your feet! Prom 2012 is extremely exciting but equally as stressful. You want to make sure you have everything covered from your 2012 Prom dress to your stunning hair style. We want to make sure you have everything you need for Prom, so we compiled a simple list of important things to make sure you have before your big night; Prom 2012!


The first step of preparing for the big event is of course the Prom dress. We believe the perfect Prom dress for 2012 should be a reflection of your personality and compliment your style and physique. There are an overwhelming amount of Prom dress styles available, so searching for your new dress might seem like a daunting task. The Prom Dress Shop website has a helpful advanced search option that helps narrow down your search by style, designer, color and price–making it easy for you to find what fits!


Prom 2012 accessories can really change the look of a dress, either by “dressing it up” or “dressing it down”.  Some Prom dresses don’t need much accessorizing as they tend to sparkle and shine on their own. You want to choose the right accessories for Prom 2012… don’t over-do it! This fabulous 2012 Prom outfit is an example of a combination where no necklace is needed, as it has a fully beaded top. The perfect accessories would be a rhinestone bracelet and matching chandelier earrings.

Prom Outfit


Shoes are very important, as they are the finishing touch to your 2012 Prom ensemble! It is even more important to find the right shoes that look great with your Prom dress and shoes that fit right. Prom is a long and eventful night full of dancing and partying, and a long night with shoes that hurt is no fun! So first things first– make sure your 2012 Prom shoes are comfortable! When picking the right Prom 2012 shoes, you should make sure that they always match your accessories. So which ever you choose first, the shoes or jewelry, make sure everything else corresponds. If you can pull off something fun, strappy, and sexy… DO IT!

Strappy Prom Shoes


The hottest trends for Prom 2012 makeup is the smokey eye, bold lips or a natural and simple look. Whatever look you decide to go with make sure not to over-do it. So if you go with a bold lip, do subtle eye makeup or if you do a smokey eye go with a natural look on the lips. The hottest hairstyles for Prom 2012 include long curls and braids. If your 2012 Prom dress has a nice open back or back detailing make sure to put your hair in a Prom up-do so you can show off that stunning back. Prom 2012 is YOUR big night and everything should be perfect– Prom Dress Shop is here to help you make your 2012 Prom night go smoothly and ensure you look and feel your best!

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