Express Elegance in Evening Gowns from Prom Dress Shop

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Evening gowns have been worn by elegant women for hundreds of years, even in the middle ages when the term hadn’t yet been developed. Did you know women in the middle ages simply attached a long flowing train to their short dresses to create what we call the “evening gown” today? It is a simple concept, but evening gowns give you a sophisticated and elegant look for any formal event.

The modern day evening gown doesn’t always have to be long and flowing, they can range from the short ballerina dress to any full length silhouette including A-line prom dresses and Mermaid prom dresses. Evening gowns are also known to have straps, halter tie, or sleeves, making for a more conservative and sophisticated formal look. In the 1940s many evening gowns were made with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk and chiffon. Today, there are many synthetic fabrics that mimic these expensive and luxurious fabrics that look and feel the same!

Whether you are looking for a dress for a black tie event or a gown for a white tie affair, Prom Dress Shop has a diverse collection of evening gown dresses ranging from the most modest conservative evening gowns to elaborately luxurious dresses. See some of the most popular evening gown styles Prom Dress Shop offers:

Purple Evening Gown Yellow Evening Gown Short Sparkly Evening Dress

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