Go Strapless for Prom 2012!

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Strapless Prom dresses never go out of style! The selection and versatility of strapless dresses make them a perfect option for Prom 2012!

There are tons of reasons why girls choose strapless dresses for Prom night, and why strapless dresses are once again on the list of best selling dresses for Prom 2012. Here are just a few:

Comfort. No girl wants to constantly pull up and adjust straps on the dance floor during Prom night! Strapless dresses eliminate any of those worries.

Style options. A vast majority of dresses for Prom 2012 are strapless! Mermaid gowns, printed dresses, high low hem dresses and short dresses are all available in strapless designs.

Jewelry pairing. Strapless dresses allow for a wide variety of jewelry. Halter dresses and one shoulder dresses often limit the necklaces or earrings that can be worn with the dress. Virtually any type of jewelry can be worn with a strapless dress for Prom 2012.

Hair Styles. Up-dos, ringlet curls and long straight looks all pair perfectly with strapless prom dresses.

Many top dress designers have included strapless dresses in their lines of prom 2012 dresses. Celebrity designers like Blush, La Femme, Sherri Hill and Faviana have all included fabulous strapless prom dresses in their newest dress lines! Strapless prom dresses also come in plus sizes .

Prom 2012 is just around the corner, and time is running out to find your perfect dress! Prom Dress Shop has hundreds of strapless prom dresses in stock, and they ship in just 24 hours! Below are some popular strapless prom dresses in a variety of styles. Find the perfect strapless dress for Prom 2012 today!

Flirt P15031 Prom Dress

Flirt P1503


BLush 9388 Prom Dress

Blush Style # 9388

La Femme 16541 Prom Dress

La Femme Style #16541

Mori Lee 5705SP Dress

Mori Lee Style 5705SP

La Femme 17455 Prom Dress

La Femme 17455


Allure A308S Prom Dress

Evenings by Allure A308S

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