Print Prom Dresses Make Perfect Spring Dresses

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I don’t know about you but the warm weather has got us wanting to wear bright colors and prints to match the sunniness of outside!  If you’re not afraid to stand out in the crowd, print prom dresses are perfect choices for your prom or special occasion! This year, popular dress designers like Night Moves, Blush, Sherri Hill, Jovani, Allure and Jasz Couture have all created stunning print dresses in pretty patterns and colors. From sexy dresses like short dresses to long dresses like the ever popular and flattering A-line dress or long strapless dress, there is a print prom dress for you.

Short Dresses

Short print dresses are always popular because of their versatility. Short dresses like the Evenings by Allure dress shown below are fun and allow you to easily be able to move around and dance in. This print dress would make both a perfect prom dress or a cocktail dress for a night out on the town!

Allure A3808S Print Prom Dress

Print Dress Evenings by Allure A3808S-Short Dress


A-Line Dresses

This gorgeous strapless dress by Night Moves is made of charmeuse and satin and features a beaded sweetheart neckline. The bright colors of this printed prom dress will brighten up anyone’s day but what we love most is how flattering the dress is. A-line dresses are dresses with slightly flared skirts and look great on everyone. Because of the beading and style of the dress, this is one print dress that would be perfect to wear again as a formal dress for another special occasion.

Night Moves 6406 Print Dress

Print Dress Night Moves 6406- A-line Dress

Peacock Dresses

Peacock print dresses are hot this year! The peacock is know for their beautiful tail feathers and, over the past couple of years especially, the peacock feather has been a popular accessory showing up in earrings and worn as hair extensions. Peacock prints are daring but perfect for those wanting to make an entrance. This peacock print dress by Evenings by Allure mixes beautiful colors and has a flowing skirt in a softly pleated fabric. The darker colors and intricate bead work around the empire waist make this print prom dress a perfect evening gown for your future formal events.

Evenings by Allure A401 Print Prom Dress

Peacock Print Dress Evenings by Allure A401

Plus Size Prom Dresses

If you wear a plus size, don’t be afraid of wearing a print prom dress. Wearing a print prom dress shows confidence and print prom dresses look good on everyone! Look for flattering styles like strapless dresses and A-line dresses. Many dress designers like Fabulouss make great plus size prom dresses in prints and many can be worn for future special occasions like this dress by Faviana. Wear this fun dress as a party dress at a future special event!

Faviana 9283 Plus Size Dress

Print Dress-Faviana 9283 Plus Size Dress


High Low Prom Dresses 

Wearing a high low prom dress by itself will capture attention but print high low prom dresses allow you to really make an entrance! High low prom dresses are nice because they are a little more formal than your average short prom dress yet they are comfortable enough to allow room for dancing. High low prom dresses in pretty prints like this dress by La Femme will leave you feel sexy and glamorous but ready to have fun! You can easily wear this dress as a dress to wear to a wedding or a cocktail dress.

La Femme 16611 High Low Prom Dress

Print Dress La Femme 16611 High Low Dress

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