Prom is just right around the corner

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Prom is just around the corner! Just 4 months away! The question now is are you ready for prom 2015? If the answer is no… start planning!  Even though it might seem like a long time from now there is still so much to prepare for.  Starting out with the Gown of your dreams to enchant everyone at your prom and walk out with the crown over your head.  Have you made your hair appointments? Manicure? How are you even getting to prom?


Prom Dress shop will give you a few tips on how to prepare for your Special event and have everything right on track. You have no time to waist and so much to do, so let’s get started.



limo for prom 

3 Months before prom:

–  Start shopping for your prom dress (not looking but buying)

–  Make sure you know how you are getting to your prom. Limo maybe?

– Start working out don’t lose your figure ( you want the dress to fit)


     corsage-1024x685    2 Months before prom

– Make sure you start getting your accessories (shoes, Hair, and undergarments)

– Do not forget hair appointments ( one for a trial, another one for the day)

– Don’t forget to order your corsages and boutonniere.

– If any alterations needed on your gown, start looking around at local places to make an appointment.




1 Month before

– Buy your prom tickets

– Start looking for your make up that you will be using the day of your prom

– Make sure you break in to your heels if they are brand new






                        3 weeks before 



–  Verify any appointments you have made

– Make sure your dress has been tailored



2 weeks before

make up

– Try on your dress to make sure it fits perfect

– Make sure you have your hair appointment arranged

– Know what make up you are wearing







    1 week beforesteamer

  • Make sure you dress is stored somewhere dry and safe
  • Make sure your dress is steamed



    Day of prom

– Get your manicure done

– Make sure you have everything on hand

– Have fun and enjoy the night!


day of prom









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