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Beautiful Blush Dresses for Homecoming Parties!

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With prom season quickly coming to a close, it’s never too early to start shopping for a stunning homecoming dress! Prom Dress Shop has dozens of amazing prom dresses that would be perfect for homecoming. Check out these great short prom dresses from Blush that are perfect for dancing the night away in. Blush by…

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A-line Prom Dresses are Figure-Flattering for Everyone!


A-line dresses are one of the most figure-flattering styles. Almost everyone looks good in an A-line dress. A-line is defined as a skirt that is smaller at the top and gets larger towards the bottom like the shape of a capital A. Every major prom dress designer has at least one A-line prom dress in…

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Last Minute Prom Dresses on Sale at Prom Dress Shop!


Many schools have already had their proms, but if your school’s prom is just around the corner and you still need a dress check out the selection at Prom Dress Shop. Prom Dress Shop has over 10,000 dresses in stock and ready to ship at a moments notice. There are tons of great prom dresses…

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Show off Your Legs With High Low Prom Dresses


Want to wear a traditional long prom dress but still want to show off a killer pair of legs? Opt for high low prom dresses and have the best of both worlds! High Low hems are where the hem in the front of the dress is significantly shorter than the hem in the back. High…

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Top Prom Dresses with High Necklines at Prom Dress Shop


Strapless sweetheart necklines have been the standard for prom dresses for the last couple years. This neckline shows off a gorgeous pair of shoulder, collarbone and tons of cleavage. But not every girl is interested in wearing a dress that shows off a ton of cleavage, or one that have to worry about falling down…

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Look Lovely in Lemon: Great Yellow Prom Dresses


Really stand out at your spring prom by wearing a yellow prom dress! Lighter colors like yellow, white and orange have been really popular for prom dresses in the last couple years. Lemon yellow can be a hard color to pull off and is better for people with warm skin tones as it might wash…

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Dress Your Body: Great Prom Dresses for Petite Girls


Every girl’s body is a little different and no dress is going to look the same on two different girls. Finding the perfect prom dress is largely dependent on what kind of body type you have. Prom Dress Shop wants to help you find the perfect 2013 prom dress for your body type. Here are…

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Cute Corset Prom Dresses 2013 with Sheer Panels


Prom Dresses with corsets are a sexy look for prom dresses 2013. Corset tops cinch in a girl’s figure and make a girl’s waist look super tiny. If you want to go even sexier with a corset top prom dress, check out these corset dresses with sheer paneling. The sheer paneling is going to let…

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Floral Print Prom Dresses for a Fun and Flirty Look!


Look like you are ready for an amazing garden party or outdoor prom with one of these fun and flirty floral print prom dresses now available at Prom Dress Shop.  These floral print dresses are a sweet and charming way to dress for prom and would be great for a garden party or formal event….

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Sweet and Stylish in Blush Prom Dresses 2013!


If you are looking for cute and traditional prom dresses then Blush prom dresses are the way to go. Blush by Alexia Designs makes traditional style prom dresses with just a little touch of whimsy and sweetness.  If you are looking for an elegant ball gown or an adorable short prom dress without too much…

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