Purchase Your Prom Dress Early!

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 Hi, I’m Brittany. Senior Style Consultant at Prom Dress Shop. Look for my blog/s on various topics this season. Leave me a comment on Facebook if you need any help!

Purchasing a 2013 Prom Dress- Beat The Crowd!

It’s never too early to start thinking about your prom night. Girls often spend countless hours looking for their perfect prom dress. I say, why wait? If you can find the perfect prom dress now then it is best to go ahead and purchase it before the prom season gets into full swing. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to tell a girl that the dress she has been wanting for prom is no longer available. Buying your prom dress early can avoid needless stress and allow you to have more time to spend looking for the right accessories to go with your dress or to plan your hair and makeup look. Don’t forget that towards the end of your senior year will also bring other stresses such as getting into the college of your choice or preparing for your finals. Girls often will call us saying they just have been too busy to search for a prom dress!

Another important thing to consider in purchasing your prom dress is that you might not be happy with your purchase or need another size. Buying prom dresses online that you may have not tried on can be scary. At Prom Dress Shop, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase so we gladly offer exchanges on new purchase. You can view our entire exchange policy here.

Along the same lines as above, you also need to leave plenty of time for possible dress alterations.  Just like wedding dresses, prom dresses often need alterations as well. Prom dresses typically are sized to fit the “average” height of 5’8” which, as we all know, is not typical of many girls. I suggest allowing at least eight weeks to allow proper time for your seamstress to make alterations to your choice if need be. For tall girls that want a long prom dress, I suggest considering making your prom dress a high low prom dress with the hem shorter in the front than the back or wearing cute but comfortable flats instead of high heels. For shorter girls, alterations usually can be made to make your prom dress the perfect length. In addition to the length of the dress, alterations may need to be made to make the dress fit perfectly. This is your night to shine and you will want your dress to fit perfectly!

Need another reason to purchase your prom dress a few months in advance? How about being able to get that perfect dress before any of your friends decide to buy it instead! You know what they say: The early bird gets the…prom dress! Check out all of our fabulous 2013 prom dresses. Contact us or leave us a comment on Facebook if you need any help!

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