How to Get More Wear Out of Your 2012 Prom Dress

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Many girls are hesitant to purchase a prom dress that they love because they are concerned about spending so much money on a dress they will never wear again. Just like a wedding dress, a prom dress can be kept as a memento of a special day in your life that only happens once. Unlike a wedding dress (in most cases), prom dresses can easily fit into many other occasions depending on the style of dress.

If you have already had your 2012 prom and are wondering what to do with that fabulous dress you bought or if you are still searching through the 2012 prom dresses that are available and want to know if you can wear the dress again, read on.

Mermaid Prom Dresses

These sexy prom dresses are tight and have a flared skirt that starts at the calf. Most mermaid dresses are strapless and many feature details such as beading or ruching. Since mermaid prom dresses are usually a little dramatic, they are best worn as formal dresses for special occasions such as black-tie events.

Short Prom Dresses

These are probably the easiest type of prom dress to get wear from again. Short prom dresses range from sexy dresses that are tight to sweet, flirty short dresses with flared skirts. Sexy prom dresses are best worn again as cocktail dresses or even saved to wear as a New Years 2012 dress. Short prom dresses that are less sexy and more flirty and feminine do well as party dresses or worn as a wedding guest dress.

Print Prom Dresses

Print dresses can be a little tougher to find other occasions to wear at since they are so bold and require an event where you don’t mind standing out. One idea is to save to wear as a dress to wear on a cruise where bright colors would look perfect at a formal dinner while heading to a tropical destination.  Print prom dresses can also be worn as cocktail dresses or party dresses if the occasion and setting is appropriate.

Colored Prom Dresses

If you are concerned that the color of prom dress that you chose will not fit with other occasions, don’t worry! Even many trendy prom dress colors like coral prom dresses and turquoise prom dresses can easily be worn at various special occasions depending on the season.

Got a black prom dress? Consider yourself lucky as the little black dress is perfect for all occasions and never goes out of style!

If you don’t think you will wear your prom dress again, consider donating it. Some girl out there would love to wear your prom dress as her sweet sixteen dress or 2013 prom dress!

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