Looking for the Right Summer Wedding Guest Dress?

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Its finally summer! School is over, final exams are done, and now is the start of the unofficial wedding season. Which leaves us asking the question, “What am I going to wear?” There are so many different summer wedding guest dresses out there, it may be difficult to determine which one fits your particular event.

When you’re looking for the perfect outfit, there is one main thing to remember: Don’t wear white.

Now that we’ve gotten what not to wear out of the way, lets focus on some great options of what you can wear!

White Tie



White tie is the fanciest of all wedding attires. So fancy that you may not have even heard of it before. At a white tie wedding, floor length dresses in beautiful, great quality fabric are required. Summer wedding guest dresses that are light enough to wear on the hottest of days are hard to find, so we suggest a light silk or tulle dress. At white tie events, you will often see women in gloves, but in the summer it is not necessary.


Black Tie


Black tie is the second fanciest wedding type, just behind white tie. Unlike white tie, in black tie events, long gowns are not required. At a black tie event, women will be wearing both short and long dresses. If you do choose to wear short, make sure that it isn’t too short or revealing…black tie affairs are very classy events.




If you need a summer wedding guest dress for a formal event, you have a lot of options. Like black tie events, formal weddings don’t necessarily require long dresses, but if you do wear short, make sure you wear one with great fabric.  If you’re going to wear long, steer towards something light and breezy so it doesn’t feel too stuffy.



Semi-formal may be the hardest to dress for. Here, you really don’t want a long dress unless its a little more laid-back, but not quite as casual as a maxi dress. Short dresses will be the main choice at these weddings. Since it is semi-formal, you can get away with wearing something a little more fun and not so serious.


Dressy Casual


Dressy Casual is not as widespread as some of these other summer wedding types, but still prominent enough to warrant its own category. If you’re looking for a summer wedding guest dress to wear to a dressy casual wedding, you can get away with a short dress, a long maxi dress or even a skirt and a top.


Just remember, these are all guidelines, not strict rules. If you want to be on the safe side, always dress up, not down. You’ll be much more comfortable overdressed than under dressed. Weddings are fun, after all, so go with whatever summer wedding guest dress you feel great in!

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