Sorority Formal Dresses

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If you are in a sorority and looking for the perfect dress to wear to a sorority formal, you have come to the right place. Prom Dress Shop offers all the latest formal dresses and cocktail dresses that make fabulous sorority formal dresses. Being in a sorority means you have the camaraderie of many girls with similar tastes and interests. Often times, that means many sorority girls will end up wearing the same dress to a formal. By choosing a sorority formal dress that is a little more non-traditional and ordering online versus going to your local stores, you can better ensure that you will be wearing a dress that is unique to you.

Sorority formals are different depending on what particular sorority you are in, where you go to school and what the theme of the sorority formal is. Sometimes they are semi-formal where you can get away with wearing a fun party dress like this short dress by La Femme.

La Femme Sorority Formal Dress

Short Dress La Femme 17042

Other times, they are traditional sorority formals where an evening gown or formal dress is more appropriate. Some formal dresses are below including a popular coral dress.

Alyce 2104 Prom Dress

Formal Dress Alyce 2104


La Femme 16802 Sorority Formal Dress

Formal Dress La Femme 16802

Some sorority formals will have a theme where you will need a dress to match. We have seen simple themes like “all white” parties where it is easy to find a stunning white dress to wear, to a Hollywood theme where you can wear a more glamorous formal dress or ball gown. The dress below by Night Moves is perfect for the Hollywood glamour look.

Night Moves 6239 Prom Dress

Formal Dress Night Moves 6239

For many sorority formals, wearing the always classic little black dress is the way to go. Little black dresses can range from sexy dresses to sleek and stylish mermaid dresses like the dress below by Jovani.

Jovani 17283 Mermaid Prom Dress

Mermaid Dress Jovani 17283

One popular style of sorority formal dresses is the one shoulder dress. For girls that want to look dressed up but modern and trendy at the same time, one shoulder dresses are perfect choices. You can get one shoulder dresses as both short dresses and long dresses to suit every style and formality. We love these one shoulder dresses by Blush and Evenings by Allure.

Blush 9357 Prom Dress

One Shoulder Dress Blush 9357

Allure A467 Prom Dress

One Shoulder Dress Evenings by Allure A467

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