Outstanding Tarik Ediz dresses with intricate backs

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Tarik Ediz, a Large Evening gown Designer in Turkey, has really made a mark in our Fall Collection of Evening Wear attire at Prom Dress Shop. The Design Collection of Tarik Ediz started as a small boutique in Bursa City. Soon after his daughter, Damla Ediz, asked him to make her a Dress for a School Graduation party. His shop became a hit and he really became popular, especially with his Extravagant style Dresses. At Prom Dress Shop we have a very Large collection of Tarik Ediz Dresses.Tarik Ediz 92092 White Dress

Tarik Ediz is well known for having awesome Backs to a lot of his Gowns; This Dress in Particular (Style #92092).

This Dress features a Sweet heart Neckline with Nude Transparent Netting that gives it the Allusion of being a strapless Dress.

This Netting makes Two Shoulder Straps that attach all the way to the Low Dipped back of the Dress, also giving the Allusion of a completely bare back. The Back is embellished in Beautiful Crystals and Pearls in a pattern design on the transparent netting.

This makes it look like these Embellishments are all along your bare back, which makes it so unique. To finish off the Back of this Extraordinary Dress, there is a big bow on the lower Back and a Long Train.

This Gorgeous gown would be perfect for any Special Occasion, even as a modern Wedding Gown.

You can accessorize this Dress by adding Stud Earrings, and a Statement cocktail ring.

Turn heads at your next Social Event, in this Stunning 2013 Tarik Ediz Dress.

Tarik Ediz 92156 Prom Dress

Another Awesome Tarik Ediz Dress that features a Unique Back is (Style #92156).

This Tight Fitted Black Dress has a very Simple and Elegant Front with Two Cap Sleeves.

The Back has the allusion of being completely open, but there is Nude Transparent Netting Covering the Whole Back.

The Transparent netting is completely embellished in a beautiful intricate Design with Unique Sequin and Stones Patterns.

The Center Back Zipper Closure that is embellished with Gorgeous Stones down the Entire Length of the Back.

The Long Skirt Leads into Long Elegant Train. What a Perfect Finishing touch!

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