Buyer Beware

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Buyer Beware of Counterfeits

If it’s too good to be true chances are it’s not true.

Cheaper is not always better, sometimes it can turn into a nightmare. Many young girls every year are victims of counterfeit companies also known as knockoff websites. Who illegally take an Image from the designer or a designer’s retailer web page and sell poorly made prom dresses in sweat shops using child labor in china. It’s a frequent occurrence for these young girls to go to the actual retailers with tales of their experience after being cheated by a fraudulent online retailer. If you see a dress for $430 in 10 stores and on a website you see it marked down on sale for $150 chances are you’re not getting the authentic dress.
It has become more and more frequent for young girls to buy their prom dress from these counterfeit online websites. To prevent this from happening to you here are a few tips
  • The designer makes the dress in 4 colors and the less expensive website can make it in a dozen of colors
  • The counterfeit web site can make the dress exactly to the measurements you desire.
  • Web site has only an email as the main contact
  • Check to see if they have a reviews page
  • The dress is being shipped out from china not from the US (designers are based in the US)
Here is an example on the difference between a  counterfeit website  and an authorized dealer for a designer.
Knockoff website makes the dress in 24 colors while the designer only makes it in 4 different colors.






How to find authorized dealers:

Go to the sites of the top designers and use their “Where to Buy” function to find authorized retailers.



88013 Vizcaya Quinceanera Dress

Designers dress on the left /counterfeit dress on the right

morilee ball gown


Our Customers are very important to us, this is why we want to make you aware that there are scammers out there that will just take your money and disappear.

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